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The Mint is simply an attempt at therapy.  Once one understands the current monetary system and its inherent flaws (which happen to be catastrophic for a free and peaceful society), trust me, you need to do something!

You can read my rants nearly every day here at The Mint.  I try to keep it light by writing about our beautiful and entertaining city, Portland, and by providing tips on teaching the Bible, where the answers to life’s burning questions may be found by those who seek them.

But enough about The Mint.  Who is the person behind it, you are no doubt wondering.  In a nutshell, first and foremost, I believe in Jesus, with whom I have a personal relationship.  I met Him in March of 2000 and my life has never been the same and infinitely better.

I am happily married with two children. I have lived and worked in Portland, Oregon since 2006. I currently work in the historic Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood and strive to bring a unique perspective on life in our beloved adopted city. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and an MBA from the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain and have over 17 years of experience in Accounting, Finance, Treasury, and Information Systems Consulting positions both in the United States and Spain.  I currently hold and active CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) license.

My political leaning, if I have one, would be best described as either Libertarian or more accurately as “Market Anarchism“, which is how the world operates anyway, whether one is willing to admit it or not.

I am the creator of The Mint, which presents fresh ideas on Economics, Monetary Theory, and Politics. You can read The Mint at https://davidmint.com and http://www.davidminteconomics.blogspot.com and you may contact me at davidminteconomics@gmail.com.

Thank you for joining us!

Stay tuned, Trust Jesus, and Stay Fresh!

David Mint

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Fresh ideas on Economics, Monetary Theory, Politics, and Less Pressing but Equally Entertaining Matters for the English and Spanish speaking worlds