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Let’s face it, nobody likes taxes.  They are, however, a requirement for living and trading within the current, insane, debt-is-money currency system.

Here at The Mint, we operate under the principal “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.”  The Federal Reserve has provided the monetary system in which we operate, logic would follow that they are bound to request some of it back.
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Whether or not one agrees with the current monetary system or rules imposed by one’s tax farm, one thing is clear:  One should, at a minimum, file an annual income tax return.  The more accurate, in terms of activities taken using Federal Reserve Notes, the better.  Even if you file an incorrect return, at least you have filed, and it is up to the IRS to find your errors within 7 years while you maintain your clean streak of having filed a tax return, which has a variety of benefits in the current currency and banking regime.

The IRS, which in the end is the tax collection arm of the Federal Reserve, processes approximately 175 million tax returns each year.  They employ approximately 93,000 individuals to process them.  Were each of those employees dedicated soley to reviewing returns, they would, on average, review 1,882 returns each.  You can see that, while there is a statistical chance that one will be audited, the resources to conduct such an audit are slim.  Having a well prepared and documented tax return pretty much eliminates your chances of an audit, should it occur, having a negative impact on your livelihood.

This is where The Mint comes in.  We offer two flavors of Tax Preparation services:

1)  We do it.  We prepare and file your state and federal tax returns based on the information you provide us.  We then provide the returns for you to review, once you approve, we file the returns on your behalf.  Naturally, this is the more expensive option.

2)  You do it.  You prepare your own state and federal tax returns using a service such as turbotax or, our personal favorite (as you can see by the banners),  You can email a copy of your return to us to review for accuracy or audit flags before filing or simply ask us questions as they come up.   These online tax filing tools do an extremely good job of interpreting the information you input.  Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance in how to explain your situation to the online tool or what section of the software to enter your information into.  For this guidance we charge substantially less.

Income taxes, while they will never be fun, don’t have to be overwhelming.  Let us help make this year’s tax return stress free.  Contact us at today!

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