Isaiah the Prophet

Isaiah the Prophet

Who was Isaiah?  Isaiah, who is called the Prince of Prophets, shines above all the other writers and prophets of Scripture.  He was educated, distinguished, and privileged, yet remained a deeply spiritual man. He was committed to OBEDIENCE over the long haul of his 55-60 year ministry as a prophet of God. He was a true patriot who loved his country and his people.


Isaiah was a contemporary of Amos, Hosea and Micah.

Isaiah’s calling as a prophet was primarily to the nation of Judah (the southern kingdom) and to Jerusalem, urging the people to repent from their sins and return to God.  He also foretold the coming of the Messiah and the salvation of the Lord.

The message, the specific call  that Isaiah had was to communicate to mankind that salvation comes from God—not man. God alone is Savior, Ruler and King.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the name Isaiah means “the salvation of the Lord” or “the Lord is salvation.”

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THE LORD IS SALVATION: A Teacher’s Guide to Proto Isaiah available now at Smashwords

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