True Capitalism

I – The Tenets and Benefits of True Capitalism

We will start with what we know:

True Capitalism is man’s most perfect expression of democracy

True Capitalism enables Justice

True Capitalism enables Equality

True Capitalism enables true prosperity

True Capitalism is born in and comfortable with Anarchy

True Capitalism is radically trusting in people

The Breakdown of society is a breakdown of Trust, If there is to be hope for the future, we must collectively learn to trust again.  True Capitalism is a constant test of trustworthiness and a betrayal of trust is quickly and harshly dealt with.  Conversely, those found trustworthy stand to be richly rewarded in a Truly Capitalistic system.  The meting out of natural rewards and consequences increases general trustworthiness.

Anarchy Leads to Order, Not Chaos

True Capitalism improves society by carrying out the consequences of actions in a rapid and impartial manner.  It encourages men and women to serve one another as they find that serving one another is in their mutual interest.  In fact, it is in their rightly understood self interest (to quote a term from Mises) to serve one another.

Intrigued?  So are we.  But what exactly is True Capitalism?

True Capitalism is a radical respect for life and private property.  It is the recognition that the right of an individual to life and private property are inviolate and that individuals, assured that their life and property are no endangered, will reap the fullest benefits of the division of labor and mutual cooperation which men and women on this earth are capable of.

Let Freedom Ring

Participation in the True Capitalistic System is not voluntary, for True Capitalism, as we will find, is not an idealistic concept, rather, it is an ultimate given.  Apart from participation, however, all other actions and agreements which do not violate other’s rights to life or property are completely voluntary.

Apart from being a part of the system, nothing done in the True Capitalistic System is purely obligatory.  This is where True Capitalism differs from what has come to be known as “Crony Capitalism,” the system in which most of the world currently operates which is full of random taxes, fees, regulations, and laws which require compulsion or coercion by a nation state in order to be paid or obeyed. 

At the other end of the spectrum, in the Truly Capitalistic system, actions such as paying an entity or observing a regulation may be strongly advisable to the point of being considered a necessity, but not taken under compulsion or the threat of violence by a nation state or another actor in the system.

In a Truly Capitalistic system, the best way to get ahead (obtain more opportunities, leisure, or whatever one desires) is to make oneself useful to his or her fellow man or woman.  The nature of the system is to reward those who best serve others.  Those rewarded then find themselves able to consume goods and services freely produced by their fellow man by using the resources they have obtained by doing the same.

If one lifts the veil of the machinations of today’s nation state, it is abundantly clear that this is more than idea, it is natural law.

We submit for your consideration, that, far from being unattainable ideals, True Capitalism (and by extension, Anarchy), are ultimate givens within which the current system of nation states are forced to operate.

If the nation state were to cease to exist, it can be argued that Anarchy would reign.  This is technically true.  Unfortunately, too many individuals believe that Anarchy would lead to chaos.  We believe that quite the opposite is true.

Out of Anarchy, the Truly Capitalistic System would ORGANICALLY emerge, and with it a new dawn for humanity, built on mutual interest and almost endless capital formation which will engender a spontaneous and dynamic social order, and a society without borders that would enjoy freedom and prosperity that we cannot even imagine under current conditions.

II – True Capitalism: Superior to and incompatible with the Nation State

Anarchy is man’s reality. It is not a choice, it is an ultimate given, it simply is.  All understanding of the current political and social structures is greatly facilitated by one’s acceptance of this simple fact.

In fact, one’s ability to act and react to the changes in the current political and social structures depends upon accepting and embracing Anarchy as the basis for reality and learning to operate in the True Capitalistic system which organically emerges as men learn that mutual trust and cooperation are in their rightly understood self interests, and that he who is to lead must truly become the servant of all.


To truly embrace this, for, as we have established, it useless to reject it, we must first understand something about the nature of mankind.  First and foremost, man, left to his own devices, is completely devoid of the ability to do the right thing.  He doesn’t have it in him.  He is lazy, self-serving, and completely evil.  He needs God and his fellow man to be able to do anything productive, altruistic, or remotely good.  A full defense of this statement is a subject for another day (although the evidence is all around us), we mention it here only to underscore the need for a framework within which mankind can avoid both self and mutual destruction.


The only reliable framework which has emerged out of Anarchy not only addresses the problem of human nature but also serves to turn man’s weaknesses into strengths.  This framework is True Capitalism.  By allowing market forces to work with as little hindrance as possible, mankind can insulate itself from descending into chaos and catastrophe.  As we have stated previously: 


Out of Anarchy, the Truly Capitalistic System would ORGANICALLY emerge, and with it a new dawn for humanity, built on mutual interest and almost endless capital formation which will engender a spontaneous and dynamic social order, and a society without borders that would enjoy freedom and prosperity that we cannot even imagine under current conditions.


How would this work?  In some cases, it may be that the catastrophes simply cancel each other out.  In others, it may be that a counterforce in the market arises to crush the catastrophic force before it can do much damage.  No one can truly say.  Yet the fact that no one person can say what will work is precisely why it works. 


The greatest virtue of True Capitalism is the speed with which it corrects errors in judgment.  Bad idea, malinvestment, frauds, and even violent and property crime are quickly dealt with.


Market Anarchism


But who sets the rules?  By definition, there are no rules apart from what has been mutually agreed upon by consenting parties.  That said, it is easy to imagine how quickly a myriad of rules may spring forth in True Capitalism.  The key difference between these rules and those declared by a governmental decree is that compliance with the agreed upon rules in True Capitalism is voluntary, making compliance likely.  For to violate the rules of an agreement is to forfeit the advantage imagined to be gained by entering into the agreement. 


Even the primordial requirements of the right to life and property would organically be honored, for they are primordial to all humans, whether they readily admit it or not.  Being primordial, securing of the life and property of others would be amongst the first series of contracts that any person would enter into, whether directly or indirectly.


Of course, mankind is completely subject to natural (or divine, as one prefers) law, True Capitalism simply allows the fullest and most complete expression of the operations of natural law to operate in the dealings of men.


Did God not warn the people not to desire a king?


To fight True Capitalism, mankind’s least flawed response to his Anarchic surroundings, is to cause or submit to chaos and misery.  Yet every nation on the planet is devoted to some degree in the fight against True capitalism.  Why?  Simply because the nation state, under the guise of being the most perfect expression of man’s good intentions, today occupies the throne which rightly belongs to True Capitalism. 


The two are the antithesis of one another.  A nation state regulates by edict, True Capitalism regulates by example.  A nation state is rigid, where True Capitalism is pliable.  Hence, where True Capitalism will bend but never break, the nation state is repeatedly smashed to pieces when faced with change.


Moving to a less philosophical level, how can we be sure that Anarchy is the basis of man’s current existence?  Because the institutions which supposedly offer the best option to embracing Anarchy are beginning to succumb to the punishments they have built up in their losing fight against True Capitalism.


Yes, Anarchy is now trumping the nation state.  We urge you to watch closely the phenomenon which is currently playing out in Greece, for it is highly likely to play out in nearly every Western Democracy before Anarchy comes in to give its people a bear hug.


Thankfully, natural (or divine) law will not change.  One’s time would be better spent understanding the immutable truths of natural law, for they will prevail.  What is natural law?  We’ll give you hint.  It involves supply and demand, and loving one’s neighbor as himself.




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