When the Silence Comes, The Healing Takes Place

The following is the narrative to be used by the facilitator of the class.  It can be downloaded in Word format here: Healing Miracles of Jesus in Luke Class Structure

The Healing Miracles of Jesus in Luke

GSM – January 7th, 2015

“When the Silence Comes, The Healing Takes Place”

Introduction: An engaging, personal medical drama, in our case, it was a Thanksgiving doctor’s office/emergency room story (drama leading up to “its not my chart” moment)

You will notice that tonight, our seating arrangement is a bit different. This is because we are not in a classroom, but in a physician’s waiting room. I am the receptionist, and I am going to hand out some intake forms for you to complete.

Have any of you been to the doctor recently? Why did you go? What did you hope to occur? Did it? Why do you think that is?

My name is Luke, and I am a physician…well, I supposed I once thought I was a physician, that is until I met the doctor.

Watching him work caused me to ask myself some very important questions about my profession, about myself. As you are here waiting, perhaps they will help you as well:

What does healing look like?

What form does it take?

How do you know when you are healed or you have healed someone?

When I met him, I realized that, while I was able to help people to mend their bodies for a time, I rarely, if ever, was able to permanently alter their state of being the way he did. He carries no oils or healing implements. He works with his hands and has a wonderful power to heal, which is why I suspect you have all come this evening. He has the ability to see beyond the natural with power, hope, and joy.

It is a full house indeed; I do hope we can get to all of you.

Oh yes, and while most of the fields on the forms are optional, we must ask that you complete the question on the last page. It is the one that the doctor is most concerned with, for without it, we cannot help you.

Now that you are here, and we are very pleased you have come, we do have a very important series of questions.

Why are you here? Do you have a physical, mental, emotional, or relational ailment?

Please describe when the ailment began?

How will you know when you are cured?

What will change? What will your life look like when you are healed?

Are you willing to do what the doctor requires of you?

To help you with these important questions, I want to share with you some things that the doctor has done…


ASK ONE BY ONE – Do you believe the doctor can heal you? You make see the doctor now. REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS NECESSARY

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