While serving in a very interesting post in a rapidly growing real estate company which would become the largest REIT of its kind in the United States, we were mostly a mind-numbed robot until we had the good fortune to be laid off from our job on September 10, 2001.  This event, along with those that occurred the following day in New York, caused us to awaken and begin to think out of the box. 

We decided to begin by pursuing our dream of living in Barcelona.  We took our first serious trip (more than a vacation) abroad in 2003 to Barcelona, where we served with a King’s Kids mission for 9 months as we learned Spanish and Catalan and immersed ourselves in the culture.

After returning to the States for one month, it was clear that we could never be completely comfortable there, or anywhere, again (which has not been a bad thing).  We returned to Barcelona and became the first North American to complete the MBA program at the Universitat de Barcelona.  While we had the option of completing our coursework in English, we chose to take the hard road and write papers, etc. in Spanish, which forced us to collaborate closely with our classmates, who were 20 individuals from 11 different countries.  This help us to establish close bonds with a number of brilliant persons from both Europe and Latin America.

In the MBA, we developed a complete business plan to launch a socially and environmentally conscious banking operation in Spain while working exclusively in diverse teams using a collaborative approach to solve problems and develop strategies and action plans to execute those strategies.

After 3 years in Barcelona, we met the love of our life as we completed the MBA and we moved together to her native Bolivia in 2005.  We then chose to relocate to Portland, Oregon where we now reside.

Professionally, we now specialize in corporate treasury and work at an NGO in Portland and we currently serve on the board of directors at another non-profit.  We are also privileged train under Bettie Mitchell, founder of Good Samaritan Ministries, to teach the Bible in a most unusual way.  Every year, once a week for the first ten weeks of the year, we meet to open the Bible as if we have never opened it before.  At the end of the ten weeks, we close it, and put we have learned into practice.

Our passion is to simply help our fellow-man and woman, and we have found that the most effective way to do this is to encourage them to trust Jesus and to relentlessly seek the God of heaven, to engage in trade, and to encourage free thinking, free banking, and free trade.  We have a special interest in Monetary Theory, Bible teaching, Economics, Anarchic theory, and Education.  We have created The Mint as a place to vent and get ideas out of our head and on to paper.  This blog and the publication of a few ebooks has led us to look at a quasi career in publishing and teaching.

We are skilled accountants and treasury professionals.  We have passed both the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) exams.  While we are members of the Association for Finance Professionals and maintain an active CTP license, we do not currently maintain an active CPA license.  We can literally do anything in the accounting and finance realm and have a decent amount of related IT experience as related to accounting and CRM systems. 

We also write and help others to develop their business ideas through encouraging them and helping them form strategies and identifying potential partners and customers.  In this sense, we dabble in business development. 
We understand enough about law to be dangerous and have a fair amount of second-hand experience in real estate development. 

By virtue of our decision to take the red pill and go to Barcelona, we have a decent amount of experience with international and multinational living and the unique documentation challenges which this lifestyle entails.
Yes, we are completely fluent in Spanish.

We appreciate you taking the opportunity to get to know us and look forward to hearing from you as well.  In the meantime, please enjoy The Mint and contact us if we can be of service.

Until then, stay tuned, Trust Jesus, and Stay Fresh!

David Mint


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