Hosea Class Handout


Chapter 1 –  Hosea’s family life

Chapter 2 –  Divorce

Chapter 3 – Hosea seeks out Gomer and must buy her back.

Chapter 4 – Israel’s shallow repentance

Chapters 4-10  –  Oracles revealing why God is rejecting the Northern Kingdom (grounds are for divorce).

Chapter 11 – God’s lament and promise.

Chapter 12 – Hosea’s plea to Israel

Chapter 13 – Destruction of Israel by Assyria, There has been no true repentance.

Chapter 14 – Hosea urges Israel to seek forgiveness and promises its restoration, urges the utmost fidelity to God.

The entirety of the Book of Hosea can best be described as a DRAMATIC CALL TO REPENTANCE.

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