1999 Silver American Eagle – Uncirculated

1999 Silver American Eagle 1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Dollar – Uncirculated

1999 American Silver Eagle - Uncirculated - Obverse
1999 American Silver Eagle – Uncirculated – Obverse

This is an uncirculated 1999 1 oz Silver American Eagle.  The coin is sealed in the Littleton Coin Company’s plastic holder.  Apart from silver being one of the best investments on the planet, these silver coins make great gifts and have an inspiring design. On one side this coin has a representation of the classic, awe-inspiring Liberty Walking towards the rising sun under the inscription “LIBERTY” and beside the inscription “In God We Trust” and on the other the great Seal of the United States of America, both universal symbols of Freedom. A great way to inspire your friends, loved ones, and co-workers and to spread the message of Freedom.

1999 American Silver Eagle - Uncirculated -Dorsal
1999 American Silver Eagle – Uncirculated -Dorsal

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