Isaiah Chapters 1-39 Class Handout


The Structure of Proto-Isaiah:



Chapters 1-5 – Judah on trial**


The Prophet

Chapter 6 – The world ends – the call of Isaiah*


Act I

Chapters 7-8 – Jerusalem attacked by Assyria – God tells King Ahaz of Judah to stand firm

Chapter 9:1-7 – Prophecy about the coming Messiah*


Act II

Chapters 9:8-10 – The destruction of Israel (Samaria) by Assyria, Assyria’s destruction

Chapter 11:1-10 – Prophecy about the coming Messiah*

Chapter 11:11-16 – A remnant will return*

Chapter 12 – PRAISE*



Chapters 13 – 17:3 – The destruction of Babylon, Assyria, Philistia, Moab, and Damascus

Chapter 17:4-11 – Israel is judged

Chapters 17:12 – 23 – Cush, Egypt, Babylon, Dumah, Arabia, Jerusalem, Shebna, Tyre, and the whole earth are judged and destroyed

Chapter 24 – APOCOLYPSE, the judgment of the entire earth**

Chapters 25-27 – SALVATION**


Act IV

Chapter 28:1-22 – Drunk with the Law, man is unprepared to deal with death

Chapter 28:23-29 – The supremacy of the Lord’s natural law

Chapter 29 – Jerusalem: God’s mercy on those bound by the law, the unjust are vanquished and the righteous are rewarded

Chapter 30:1-17 – Condemnation of seeking help from Egypt

Chapter 30:18- 31 – Mercy, victory, and help come from God alone*

Chapters 32-33 – The Lord Arises, the Righteous Kingdom Comes, peace for the righteous and terror for the unjust

Chapter 34 – APOCOLYPSE

Chapter 35 – The Holy Way*


Act V

Chapter 36 – Assyria threatens Jerusalem

Chapter 37:1-7 – Hezekiah Inquires of Isaiah

Chapter 37-8-13 – Sennacherib’s threatening letter**

Chapter 37:14-35 – Hezekiah Prays, the Lord confirms Isaiah’s word**

Chapter 37:36-38 – Victory is the Lord’s*



Chapter 38 – Hezekiah’s illness and recovery

Chapter 39 – Hezekiah opens the door to Babylonian captivity


*It is anticipated that this section will be explored entirely during the class time

**It is anticipated that this section will be explored partially during the class time


Students are encouraged to read the entire text and come prepared with questions.

THE LORD IS SALVATION:  A Teacher's Guide to Proto Isaiah available now at Smashwords
THE LORD IS SALVATION: A Teacher’s Guide to Proto Isaiah available now at Smashwords

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