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A bit about ourselves and our experience:

Apart from our MBA from the Universitat de Barcelona and our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, we maintain and active CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) designation and are members of the Association for Financial Professionals.  We have passed the CPA exam but do not currently hold an active CPA license.  We simply enjoy economics, writing, and business strategy in all of its alpha and numeric glory.

We have over 17 years of experience in financial accounting, treasury managment, information systems, and management in positions in both the public and private sectors, as well as an international education.  In our private sector experience, we participated in the formation of an accounting department for a real estate investment trust that would become the largest of its kind in the United States with over $100 million in annual revenues, $1.5 billion in assets managed and over 500 employees.

We’ve participated in the selection and implementation of numerous accounting information systems and in our internal audit work we’ve developed systems to assess risk and to monitor data in the information systems to detect irregularities.

We’ve created numerous financial forecasts which intricately involve not only pro forma operating projections, but also include linked balance sheet and cash flow statement projections, all the while producing key operating and financial ratios to help you to evaluate your business operations or investment projections at a glance.

Our models also include terminal value of an enterprise and contemplate the return structure of multiple investors at different participation rates.

We have had the privilege of obtaining an MBA at the University of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.  Our final project, in which we developed a complete business plan to launch a socially and environmentally conscious banking operation in Spain, won second prize in the final class rankings.  In the MBA program we worked almost exclusively in diverse teams using a collaborative approach to solve problems and develop strategies and action plans to execute those strategies.

Thanks to our three years in Barcelona, Spain and our lovely wife we are completely fluent in Spanish.

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