Letters to World Leaders

If one is to effect change in this world, it is important to correspond with those who are in the seats of power and therefore have the ability to effect positive change in this world.  If we can change their mind, they can change the world.

When writing world leaders, it is important to both acknowledge their authority and use terminology which we understand to be important to them.  We must recognize them as an ally for we share a common aim, the good of themselves and their people.  Finally, as people who are derided daily for serving their populace, they need encouragement.

Many of our letters will contain unsolicited advice on economics and governance.  Specifically, we generally encourage the leaders to embrace the following principles:


Private Property

Equality before the Law

Below, please find a listing of the open letters and read at your leisure.  If you feel inspired to write your own, we encourage you to do so and would appreciate your sharing them with us.

An Open Letter to Evo Morales, President of Plurinational State of Bolivia – October 29, 2012 – English

Here’s to a better world!

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