Isaiah Class Setting

Class Setting

NOTE:  Bring Candles, light them in a safe place where all can see, turn off lights

“You are around a campfire on a mountain after fleeing Bethlehem, which you had fled to after you’d fled Jerusalem.  You are with Isaiah and other prophets who have come under persecution by Manasseh.  You are overjoyed.  Not because of your current circumstances, but by what the Lord has spoken to you and your brethren who are sitting around the fire with you this cold night.

Isaiah has just told you and your brethren about his ascension to the seventh heaven, where he was permitted to see the Son of Man descend undetected through the heavens and down to earth to come to his own as a babe in a manger.  He then tells how he saw the Son of Man nailed to a tree and then descending into Sheol, only to return victoriously to the seventh heaven in unimaginable glory to sit at the right hand of the eternal one.

Indeed, it is a terrible and wonderful time.

[Continued in the Denouement]

THE LORD IS SALVATION:  A Teacher's Guide to Proto Isaiah available now at Smashwords
THE LORD IS SALVATION: A Teacher’s Guide to Proto Isaiah available now at Smashwords

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