Good Friday – The Shofar Horn

The Shofar Horn is blown at the end of the three hour GSM Good Friday Luncheon to ring in the New Year at GSM. Please listen to it here: Shofar Horn

While much is made of the Passover which celebrates God calling Israel out of Egypt and Easter which celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the New Year is celebrated on Good Friday over three hours.

The same three hours that Jesus hung on the cross to MAKE COMPLETE THE SHOCKING POWER OF FORGIVENESS.

These three hours I will not violate.

The point of Christianity is the ABSOLUTE power of the FORGIVENESS OF SINS.

As Jesus said to the Father “Into thy hands, I commit my spirit” (which is the first prayer that a Hebrew child is taught) and breathed his last, the power of FORGIVENESS was demonstrated by:

An Earthquake,

The sky going dark,

Tombs being opened and many righteous persons being raised from the dead and walking around Jerusalem,

The curtain in the Temple, which was so heavy that it took 150 men to move it, was torn in two from top to bottom,

You cannot play games with this power!


This is beyond mere acceptance, we are forgiven permanently, and we must forgive others. This is the power of the cross.

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