Trust Jesus: On God’s Charis Grace

If you have followed The Mint for any amount of time, you will no doubt have taken note of our closing exhortation:

“Stay tuned and Trust Jesus

The stay tuned part speaks for itself, but what does it mean to trust Jesus?  The answer to this inquiry is to be found in the immutable truth or ultimate given, if one prefers, which is embodied by the Greek word χαρις, or, as it is more easily read and pronounced in western characters, charis, which is often translated in early Christian writings as grace.

Yet the word grace, as it is understood today, does a great disservice to the concept of charis that the early Christian writers were attempting to convey.  So what does charis mean if not grace?charis

Charis means that you, fellow taxpayer, are the One True God’s greatest delight, joy, and happiness imaginable, and it is His greatest delight, joy, and happiness imaginable to give you, who are His greatest delight, joy, and happiness imaginable, freely, without conditions, your greatest delight, joy, and happiness imaginable in never-ending abundance.

This is what Jesus came to reveal to us, and it is as simple as believing in YHWH and believing in yourself.

For those who are suffering persecution, Jesus says, “I am there with you.”

For those who are trying to please YHWH with their thoughts and deeds, Jesus says “quit trying to please me, because you already do.”

Do you believe it?  For if you do, you will live with in peace and freedom with Jesus forever, starting today, no matter what happens.  Charis is the only way that mankind can hope to attain peace with God and with their fellow man.

If you believe this, you will quickly begin to understand that the same charis that you live in is available to all of humanity with no strings attached, no matter what they are doing or have done.

More importantly, you will begin to forgive people, no matter what, and this forgiveness will turn your world into a place that your greatest delight, joy, and happiness imaginable occur daily in never-ending abundance.

What we say to you, we say to all:  Trust Jesus

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