1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Flying Eagle Patriot Silver Trade Unit Round

1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Flying Eagle Patriot Silver Trade Unit Round
1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Flying Eagle Patriot Silver Trade Unit Round

This is a 1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Flying Eagle Patriot Silver Trade Unit Round.  Apart from silver being one of the best investments on the planet, these silver coins make great gifts and have an inspiring design and a brilliant shine.  On one side this coin has a representation of an Eagle in flight holding an American Flag in its beak surrounded by stars and olive branches, all universal symbols of Freedom.  On the other side is a depiction of a balance flanked by wheat heads, surrounded by the inscriptions “.999 Fine Silver” and “31.1 Grams” to indicate its weight and silver content.  On the outside, the words “One Troy Ounce” and “Silver Trade Unit” capture the coin’s purpose.  These beautiful coins are a great way to inspire your friends, loved ones, and co-workers and to spread the message of Freedom.

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4 thoughts on “1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Flying Eagle Patriot Silver Trade Unit Round”

  1. Given the design and “Silver Trade Unit” with the balance in the middle, it is a safe bet it was produced in the early ’80s, likely 1981, when silver was skyrocketing. There are many minor variations of the “Silver Trade Unit” reverse side die (see links here for a variety of examples: http://s15352.p1329.sites.pressdns.com/buy-silver/the-mint-coin-shop/silver-international-trade-unit-rounds/) from this time period.

    In the absence of a specific inscription, there is no way to be certain which company produced this coin as many mints used these similar dies and I could not venture a guess, though whoever it was is likely out of business today as many ceased to operate when silver crashed.

    Hope this helps! This is one of my favorite depictions of the Eagle on a round.

  2. I recently purchased one of these rounds, it looks just like the picture except mine doesn’t have the”31.1 grams” stamp. Is there any way to determine the year and/or company of production?

  3. Good question. While generally we have seen little additional premium paid above spot for these types of “Trade Unit” coins, they are somewhat rare and we have come across few without stars. Many of the coins with this style or similar “Trade Unit” designs were minted with a wide variety of face designs, meaning that the die used on the face may make the coin rarer.

    We are a fan of the way the Eagle is depicted on this one, it is one of the better designs in our opinion.

    Thanks again for your question and all the best!

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