Taxes: When to use a Professional

When to use a professional:

An important part of running a successful business is having a trusted financial advisor to guide you through the minefield of payroll, corporate, personal income, estate, and property taxes that are part of life in the United States.

While DIY, Volunteer, and Semi-Professional assistance options may be right for some, it can be difficult to find reliable help in these avenues.  A professional accountant will follow the story of your business and family to help you save time and money both in taxes and otherwise over the long run.  In many cases, a professional may be slightly more expensive the first year due to set up and then actually save money over other options in subsequent years.

Options for Tax PreparationWhen to usePrice RangeTools/Providers
DIY Personal Tax ResourcesIf you only have W-2 income, some business income, and a good understanding of your own tax situationFree to ~$150TurboTax, – Tiered product: Federal Free Edition, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business. Mobile App:  W2 only, Interest or unemployment income, less than $100K, Available in Spanish.

Drake – Tiered product:  Free, Basic, Deluxe:  Locate at

H&R Block Online

Jackson Hewitt Online

Volunteer AssistanceIf you need assistance with basic tax returns“Free”IRS VITA/TCE/AARP


Semi-Professional AssistanceFast, great for non- complex returns$100-$600H&R Block Office Hewitt Office
Professional AssistanceWhen you have an ongoing business, employees,, or have a problem with a tax authority.$350- $800 – $$$???Schmidt & AssociatesDavid Wilcox (971) 344-6805

Pacific Northwest Tax Service

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s), Tax Attorneys

Websites for major tax authorities in Oregon, use to search for information and forms:

Federal:  IRS

State: Oregon DOR

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