1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Prospector & Conestoga Wagon Round

The 1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Prospector & Conestoga Wagon Round

This is a 1 OZ .999 Fine Silver Prospector & Conestoga Wagon Round.  Apart from silver being one of the best investments on the planet, these silver coins make great gifts and have an inspiring design and a brilliant shine.  On one side this coin has a representation of a Prospector kneeling down to pan for gold surrounded by 21 stars and on the other side a Pioneer leading his Conestoga Wagon across the plain in front of a brilliant sun surrounded by the inscriptions “One Troy Ounce” and “.999 Fine Silver” to indicate its weight and silver content.  These beautiful coins are a great way to inspire your friends, loved ones, and co-workers and to spread the message of Freedom.

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