Be humble, as God is humble.

This past Friday evening, were enlightened. A great mystery was revealed to us.

It is simple, yet with profound implications for everyone on the planet.

It has to do with our understanding of humility.

Most Christians understand that God is Almighty, Perfect in Power, Our Mighty Savior, and that God is for us and not against us.

But do we understand that He is humble, and that He commands us to be humble as well?

Think of it, the Lord of all creation, Jesus, speaking directly to his own character, states that He is humble in heart!


Yet it makes perfect sense.

It is clear that God consistently opposes the proud.

Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.

Jesus died so that we would not have to.

The Holy Spirit is constantly transforming us Christians into His image, whether we cooperate or not.

Would it not follow that His desire is for us to be humble, as He is humble?

Around 2008, God began to destroy human pride on the earth.  Most see this process a as it unfolds daily and understand it to be a bad thing.

We are here to tell you that it is quite the opposite. 

We are to rejoice in our sufferings.  Did you ever wonder why?

Why turn the other cheek?

Why die to ourselves?

Why give and not count the cost?

God‘s response to this and a thousand other “WHY’S?” is simple.

We are to be humble as He is humble, for humility, as much as love, mercy, justice, and power, is the very nature of God.

Take heart and rejoice in your sufferings and be humble, as He is humble.

Let us know your thoughts!

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