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Welcome to The Mint! Via The Mint I hope to bring you a fresh perspective on the world we live in. This will generally involve economics and politics, which are closely intertwined, especially so at the moment, as well as dabbling into philosophy and religion (what I call Truth). My ideas, while they may twist and turn as all man’s ideas tend to, are centered around the basic tenet that men were created free by an all-powerful and all-merciful God, and that the more freely they are able to operate and make decisions, the better off they themselves are as well as all of society. God has set the boundaries, given us the rules, and the incentives and punishments for our actions here are built in to this wonderful existence that He has given us. The world we are living in now does the best it can to keep God at arms length, which keeps people in the dark as to how it works. My goal is to enlighten you. I hope you will find these humble chronicles both entertaining and profitable, both in fleeting earthly riches and, more importantly, eternal ones. Thank you for taking time to join me, dear reader!