The 72 Hour Call

The 72 Hour Call is a game that we are starting here at The Mint.  In this game, we mock the new reality on Wall Street, that investing for the long term is a joke.  Cheap money from every Central Bank on the planet has turned Equity, Bond, and Commodity Markets into a crap shoot.

For a time, we lamented this realization.  That is before we realized that there is a way to invest for the long term.  Namely, buy silver and gold, work honestly for your own account serving others, spend less than you earn, enjoy yourself and reap the fruits of this noble activity.  In our view of things, there are no short cuts to lasting prosperity.

That said, we enjoy sport as much as the people on Wall Street and every other economic and political pundit out there.  The 72 Hour Call is Sport.  Just like any good sport, it has some ground rules (and necessary disclaimers 🙂  They are the following:

1.  We will choose a stock, index, option, commodity, bond, currency, or anything else where the price is readily available and verifiable.  We do this as much in the spirit of laziness as we do fairness.  To play, we will need a measuring stick that is easy to find.  We will measure this price data by the respective market’s closing price at the end of the day the call is made (whether the call is made before or after that day’s close) compared with the closing price three days (72 hours) later.

2.  Format.  The format for the 72 Hour Call will be short and sweet.  like the emperor in the movie “Gladiator”, we will indicate one of two results:  Good Call (The Mint got it right) or Bad Call (The Mint blew it).  For example, a 72 hour call entry may be the following:

Today’s Call:  Coca Cola shares on the NYSE (KO) to rise.

Result of Call from 72 hours ago:  Oil on NYMEX fell.  Called to fall.  Good call.

3.  We do this for our own gratification.  We may or may not trade or be invested in our call.  Frankly, it is none of your business, as what you may or may not trade or be invested in is none of our business.  Again, this is for entertainment purposes only.

4.  We are not investment advisers and the 72 Hour Call is NOT, I REPEAT IN CAPITAL LETTERS, NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM!!!  If you invest or trade the 72 Hour Call, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Remember, THIS IS A GAME AND IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!  OK, I hope this disclaimer is as clear as the ones they put on lottery tickets.

Let the Games Begin, and Thank you for following The Mint.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint