Oregon To Ban Plastic Bags?


Yesterday a bill to ban plastic bags in Oregon narrowly made it out of committee to the Oregon legislature. Perhaps not coincidentally, we had just returned from shopping at a Fred Meyers in Portland.

Hailing from Beaverton, we realized that the clerk had not asked us the age old question, ‘ paper or plastic?’ 

You see, Freddy’s stores in Portland began to voluntarily pull plastic from the list of bagging options in anticipation of a similar ban that the city of Portland was considering last year.

At The Mint, we have no strong feelings on the matter. We must say, however, that  gave us a nostalgic feeling to carry our groceries in a bear hug rather than feel the plastic handles dig into our skin.

Whether or not the bill becomes the law of the land in Oregon one thing is for sure, its passage would be a welcome piece of news to the State’s ailing Timber industry.

“Paper please”

Enjoy a Happy Easter and stay fresh!