72 Hour Call for June 10, 2011

Today’s Call:  Dow Jones Industrial Average to rise.  Currently 11,952.

Rationale:  Assumption that the plunge protection team will move over the weekend to prop up the Dow, a widely watched stock market indicator.

Result of Call for June 7, 2011:  NY Crude Future Oil to rise.  Was $98.42, Currently $99.29.  Good Call. 

Calls to Date:  Good Calls: 28, Bad Calls: 19, Batting .596

Key Indicators for Friday, June 10, 2011

Copper Price per Lb: $4.02
Oil Price per Barrel:  $99.29

Corn Price per Bushel:  $7.87
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.97%

Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,532

MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  2.25%
Unemployment Rate:  9.1%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  0.4%
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  11,952
M1 Monetary Base:  $2,022,700,000,000 RED ALERT!!!
M2 Monetary Base:  $9,005,800,000,000 STARTING TO DRY UP?  NOT!

 *See FED Perceived Economic Effect Rate Chart at bottom of blog.  This rate is the FED Target rate with a 39 month lag, representing the time it takes for the FED Target rate changes to affect the real economy.  This is a 39 months head start that the FED member banks have on the rest of us on using the new money that is created.