The FED to Drop Money From Helicopters

With consumer credit in a long term downtrend, the US Congress unable to come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, and the Euro system on the verge of collapse, The FED appears desperate.  Our speculation is that they are now plotting something we call “Helicopter Phase.”

Helicopter Phase happens when money is literally showered on the American people in a desperate attempt to keep the currency regime from disintegrating.  Ben Bernanke attempts to describe it in his own words in the latest edition of Mint Finger Puppet Theatre:

Helicopter Phase will most likely take the form of the stimulus checks that have been mailed out to taxpayers in the past as giving away money to the banks, defense contractors, and other special interests has failed to create any long term growth.

In rural areas, however, we suspect that Ben Bernanke‘s famous helicopter method is likely to prove useful:

So keep your eyes on the sky and Stay Fresh!