Happy Thanksgiving! The Mint’s Debut at the Moral Liberal

Happy Thanksgiving from The Mint!

We are pleased to let you know that we have contributed the first of what we hope will be many articles for publication at The Moral Liberal.  The first of which you can see by clicking here:

The Tenets and Benefits of True Capitalism

We are grateful for Steve Farrell, who has given us a rare opportunity to contribute to a forum in which we find ourselves aligning ideologically on a great number of issues and are excited for the opportunity to share and further the ideas of freedom and liberty with a greater audience.  Please take time to browse their site as it is full of interesting articles.

Observant readers will notice that our submission has been modified slightly from its original form to remove references to Anarchy, which the Moral Liberal is strictly against.  It is a subtle difference in ideology which we are quite comfortable with.  The general debate, as it has been amongst Libertarians for a good while now, is whether or not the Government must necessarily exist.

Our position here at The Mint is that Anarchy is man’s natural state apart from God.  Government has jumped in to fill the void which naturally begs to be filled in the absence of structure.  We agree with The Moral Liberal that Anarchy is not a desirable nor sustainable state of affairs, but we cannot ignore the fact that it is man’s natural state in the absence of structure.  However, it is not not essential to advancing the cause of true freedom and we respect The Moral Liberal’s position with regards to Anarchy.

We are grateful to Mr. Farrell and everyone over at The Moral Liberal for the privilege of contributing to their site and hope that together we can continue to share ideas which will change the world.