The Importance of the Bible, A Foray into E-Book publishing

2/27/2012 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

We have been busy here at The Mint publishing our first of what we hope will be many E-books.  To the surprise of many, it has nothing to do with Monetary Theory.  For Monetary Theory to have any coherence, a proper understanding of the world must first be established.  This E-Book is a humble attempt to begin this process for our dear fellow taxpayers.

Regardless of whether you believe that the Words of the Bible are true or if you are of the opinion that the Bible has nothing of relevance to say to the modern world, it is extremely urgent that you examine the Bible soon for it will provide the only coherent explanation for the events which are unfolding.

This particular E book deals with teaching the Bible, specifically the book of the prophet Hosea.  Fellow taxpayers who have an interest in the Bible are encouraged to take a peek at it here.  The book presents a method which is entirely different than any other teaching method which we have encountered, for it permits the Word of God to speak for itself, free of man’s distorted and too often self interested interpretations.

A book which teaches one to study the Bible may not be what one would expect from The Mint.  On the other hand, given that the Bible is our only hope of grasping a coherent, consistent truth from which all other events can be understood and put into perspective, there could perhaps be no more urgent or noble undertaking to which we must dedicate our lives

In the Bible, God did 10 amazing things: 

  1. He gave us a concrete understanding of our origins in a way so simple that a child can understand it.
  2. He gave us a historical narrative that can be archeologically corroborated should we have doubts that the events actually took place.
  3. He gave us 10 rules to live by which, if observed, would eradicate every social and many physical and mental ailments.
  4. He provided a number of other tips and suggestions which would further improve the general welfare.
  5. He gave us a brief summary so that we would not have to memorize the rules, tips, and suggestions in order to observe them.
  6. He gave us the choice whether to live by the rules and suggestions or not.
  7. He sent His Son to accept all of the natural consequences for failing to observe the rules and suggestions and in the process He vanquished the inevitability of death.
  8. He gave examples of every problem imaginable with regards to family and other human relationships, and then some.
  9. He laid down the division between good and evil which had nothing to do with observed behavior and everything to do with intent.
  10. He gave us a promise the He would physically return to dwell with us.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a correct understanding of the present state of the economy and of cause and effect can only be achieved by first understanding the essence of life, the world in which we live, and most importantly, who is ultimately in charge.

There is a need for understanding that can only be found in the Bible.  While reading the Bible is a good way to start, listening to the spoken word of the Bible in the presence of others is a much better way to gain the aforementioned understanding of life itself.

This E Book is an attempt to open the Word of God to be understood by many.  There is a deep need for people to take the hard assignments that are given to them as they gain this aforementioned understanding for themselves.

Are you ready, fellow taxpayer?

Stay tuned and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint



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