Tattoos: A sure sign of spring

Spring is just around the corner in Portland and residents of the Bridge City will soon arise from their collective hibernation to partake in the five months of sun that is our annual allotment at these latitudes.

Portlanders will step out the door to a number of sure signs of spring, flowers blooming, preparations for the Rose Festival, the Timbers opening kicks, and tattoos of every shape and design proudly displayed on bodies of all shapes and sizes.

It is no secret that Portland is somewhat of a nexus of tattoo culture.  Tattoos here are as common as bicycles and tattoo parlors as numerous as coffee shops (well, almost).  Shops such as the Sea Tramp Tattoo Company have honed their craft over many years and in the process have become the stuff of legend.

Here are a few interesting statistics about tattooing in America courtesy of a survey conducted in 2008 by Harris Interactive:

  • One in five (20%) of people living in the West have at least one tattoo
  • 32% of persons aged 25-29 have at least one tattoo
  • Only 16% of those surveyed regretted getting a tattoo
  • Over half of the population, both the tattooed and un-tattooed, perceive that someone who has a tattoo is more rebellious
  • 19% of those who have a tattoo say that it makes them feel attractive and strong

Being a resident of Portland gives you a front row seat to a city wide living and breathing art gallery that few metro areas (save Miami) can boast.  With some of the finest tattoo artists in the world calling Portland home, it is safe to say that this seasonal exhibit of body art will be on-going on the streets of our fair city.

The thought of it all may give you the “inkling” to put a masterpiece on your canvas.

Full Disclosure:  Your author does not have a tattoo.