3D Printer manufactures a HI-CAP

3D printing has come a long ways, but few imagined it would coincide with the national gun control debate. The technology, on the surface, allows one to create a plastic prototype of nearly anything that will fit into its print area.

While the national gun control debate rages on, these guys are using 3D print technology to great a ban that does not, as of yet, exist.  Moral judgments aside, we present it of as an example that control, in this case control over the manufacture of high capacity magazines, is an illusion or delusion, the line between the two is determined by how much control a group of people think they have over another.

Without voluntary compliance, laws are impossible to enforce, and unjust laws are the first to be ignored. We are all subject to natural law, and must answer to it. In the meantime, we imagine that, while a novelty, those who have use for a HI-CAP, most of whom wear a military uniform, will opt to get them from a mass producer.