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72 Hour Call for May 6, 2011

Today’s Call: USD to rise vs. Euro. Currently 0.6981.

Rationale – Emergency meeting called in Luxembourg to presumably bail out Greece once again. Expected intervention to prop up the dollar under guise of bailing out Greece.

Result of Call for May 3, 2011: Avon Products (AVP) to fall. Was $30.91, Currently $29.04. Good Call.

Calls to Date: Good Calls: 13, Bad Calls: 10, Batting .565

72 Hour Call for May 3, 2011

Today’s Call: Avon Products (AVP) to fall. Currently $30.91.

Rationale – Avon printed a tremendous earnings number today, anticipated effect of stock selling off on good news.

Result of Call for April 28, 2011: May 11 Soybeans to rise. Was 1350-2, Currently 1359-2. Good Call

Calls to Date: Good Calls: 11, Bad Calls: 9, Batting .550