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Bikewitch points riders astray


Rounding out the Bikemen on the NW side of Broadway downtown is the bikewitch.Straight out of the Wizard of Oz, bikewitch uses her hat to deceive riders into believing there is a subtle bank left in the bike lane at NW Couch & Broadway while in reality the rider should prepare to bank slightly to the right as they cross Burnside.

Were not in Kansas anymore!

Bikemen on Broadway – The LA look back


The Bikeman who graces the corner of Broadway and NW Davis looks back over his shoulder to see if the bikemen on the prior corners are reeling in his lead.

With his hat on backwards and his cycling gloves on, were it not for his long hair he could be mistaken for Lance Armstrong cruising up a côte in the Alps during one of his legendary Tour de France victories.

Fro-man jumps on a bike


At NW Everett and Broadway the bikeman whom we affectionately call “Fro-man” jumps out at cyclists like Dr. J in his younger years to cheer them on their way.  “Round the back, through the hoop, and you scream touchdown?, U B illin”, apologies to Run DMC.