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Payroll, Credit Card, and ACH Processing Solutions

Here at The Mint, we have noticed a common opportunity for processing improvements at a number of companies when it comes to payroll processing.  Many companies, both on the larger and smaller end of the spectrum, are held hostage by their payroll processing companies and their antiquated, expensive to upgrade, captive payroll processing systems.  Hostage, in the sense that payroll processing, for most businesses, is a mission critical function with countless compliance pitfalls which is extremely difficult to change. 

Payroll processing is a function which is so feared and loathed by some that dry shaving with a razor may appear pleasant next to the prospect of processing one’s own payroll and correctly filing the tax returns.

Throw in the Patriot Act requirements and outsourcing payroll to an organization becomes not only a no-brainer, but a “we have no choice”-er.

If you have ever cursed ADP for an error or watched helplessly as your processing fees began to skyrocket, we are pleased to present you with what we consider a worthy alternative to ADP and the rest of the oligarchs of payroll processing.

It is a series of highly customizable and surprisingly affordable products from Mudiam, Inc.  Please click on the links provided below to peruse their formidable product offering and contact us at:  davidminteconomics@gmail.com if you would like more information or would like to see arrange for an online demo.

Mudaim’s products will keep your payroll, credit card, and ACH processing, as fresh as you and your company!

Payroll Tax Calculator: http://www.Paymycheck.info

Payroll Geo-Code Tax Finder: http://www.payroll-taxlocator.com

ACH File Management Software: http://www.ACHbiz.com

Payroll Service Bureau SaaS Solution: http://www.MyUSApayroll.com

Payroll Tax Compliance SaaS Software: http://www.PayrollTaxRules.com

Real-time E-Verify SaaS Software: http://www.I9Automation.info

Accounts Receivables Optimizer Software: http://www.mudiamPCI.com