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Budgeting Healthy Habits: How to get the Dough you Knead

2/20/2013 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

The following is the introduction of our soon to be released ebook on budgeting:  Budgeting Healthy Habits:  How to get the Dough you Knead.  It will be available on Kindle later in the week.  Stay Fresh and enjoy!

Dough: An introduction

dough -/dō/- noun -1. A thick, malleable mixture of flour and liquid, used for baking into bread or pastry. 2. Money: “lots of dough”.

Budgeting Healthy Habits:  How to get the Dough you Knead
Budgeting Healthy Habits: How to get the Dough you Knead

Dough.  Unless you work in a bakery or pizza parlor, you probably can’t get enough of it.  As we began to elaborate this current volume, which, at its base, is a presentation of our unconventional budget tips, we knew that it would be necessary to employ a metaphor to keep fellow taxpayers, who have any number of demands upon their time beyond budgeting, or seeking out metaphors, for that matter, engaged long enough to revolutionize their approach to money, which in turn will give them time to knead dough, ponder metaphors, compose run on sentences, or indulge any number of whims which may be germinating in the dark recesses of their minds at this very moment.

Most of the human race spends the better part of their waking moments either doing something or wondering what they should be doing.  Human action is an ultimate given, and, as the band Rush reminds us in their early 80’s smash Freewill, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

The choices available to most of us are limited to the amount of dough that we have available or lack at any given moment.  This goal of this volume is to equip you, fellow taxpayer, to dominate your dough situation and bake the loafs, pastries, or crusts in the style and quantities necessary to satiate your desires.  If we are fortunate, this volume will convince you that the key to happiness is in helping others, however, this is a hypothesis that must be proved by personal experience, and is not the central theme.

Back to your dough.  If you have been searching for information on budgeting and personal finance for any amount of time, we don’t have to tell you that there is an exhaustive amount of material.  Finding good advice, or good advice which fits your situation, can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.  With this in mind, we present these healthy habits as morsels on a platter.  You can choose to scarf them down in one sitting, which will undoubtedly shock your organism into convulsions, or you can take them in, one at a time, savoring each one while giving your organism adequate time to digest it, maintaining the nutrients and eliminating the waste through the proper channels.

The organism we speak of is your personal or family economy, which we recommend you treat with the utmost care.

Stay tuned to The Mint for the release later this week and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

Key Indicators for February 20, 2013

Copper Price per Lb: $3.57
Oil Price per Barrel:  $94.46
Corn Price per Bushel:  $7.00
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.02%
Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,564 THE GOLD RUSH IS ON!
MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  0.25%
Unemployment Rate:  7.9%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  0.0%
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  13,928
M1 Monetary Base:  $2,496,300,000,000 LOTS OF DOUGH ON THE STREET!
M2 Monetary Base:  $10,399,700,000,000

Credit Unions: Join the people’s banking system

As public disgust with the commercial banking industry continues to grow, many consumers who were simply content to grumble about the Federal tax dollars that are being committed to bailing out the banks for their bad decisions are now being driven to the unspeakable action of renouncing commercial banks altogether.

What is it that has driven these otherwise reasonable people to take such a drastic step? 

In a word: Fees.  In addition to increasing the fees which consumers pay for overdrawn checks and various other “services”, some banks have taken the additional step of charging fees for debit cards, checking accounts, ATMs, and a host of other services which many Americans have come to expect free of charge.

Such has been the public outcry at this unthinkable insult that even Congress couldn’t help but notice.  Senator Dick Durbin, (D-Ill) had this to say:  “Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank, find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month and still will give you a debit card that you can use every single day.  What Bank of America has done is an outrage.”

While it is a mystery why Durbin singled out Bank of America, as the fee cancer has spread throughout the commercial banking system, what is clear is that many Americans are already voting with their feet and are ditching fee mongering commercial banks in search of alternatives.

In Portland, the search will lead them to a number of local credit unions that offer superior service, unbeatable interest rates, and low or no fee alternatives to services provided by commercial banks. 

How can credit unions afford to do this?  The simple answer is that credit unions are banking coops.  By definition and by statute, they are locally owned and operated.  Credit unions are non-profit organizations whose only “shareholders” are its members.  Therefore, credit unions exist exclusively for the benefit of its customers and the community which it serves.

To become a member of a credit union, one must be a member of a group that is served by a specific credit union’s charter.  A person is typically eligible to become a member of a credit union based on where they live, work, or worship.  In some cases, becoming a member can be as easy as simply applying for a loan at the credit union.

Once a person is deemed to be eligible for the credit union’s field of membership, all they would need to do to become a member is to complete an application and make a one-time deposit (typically $5) into their savings account.  From there, the member is not only on their way to investing in their community, they are on their way to receiving better interest rates on both deposits and loans, superior customer service, and having the right to vote on important decisions affecting the credit union.

Few changes stand to make such a profound impact on both the individual and the community than the decision to bank at a local credit union instead of a commercial bank.  The individual and their community are both empowered by this seemingly simple choice.

There are a number of great credit unions in the Portland area.  A great place to start is by locating a credit union near you.  Websites such as findacreditunion.com and creditunionaccess.com can help you to locate a credit union in your area.

If you need any additional encouragement or have doubts about leaving your bank behind, a peek at this brief article at moneyistheroot.com on the advantages of credit unions should quickly put those doubts to rest.

In Portland, it is easy to cast your vote against the commercial banking regime and put your money to work building our community.  Start banking locally today at your local credit union.

Stay Fresh!

KB Vision: Gold Backed Savings

If you are interested in buying gold without the hassle of storing it, we encourage you to register with KB Vision.  Just like a normal savings plan, you can purchase a set amount of gold, in any quantity, each month and then sell it when you need to.

There are many advantages to holding savings in gold which are being understood by millions of persons around the planet during this time of financial chaos, which is largely a symptom of man’s departure from the use of gold and silver as money and embracing debt based currencies.

Protect yourself and your family and begin building true savings in gold today.  The link below will take you to our affiliate, KB Vision, where you can open an account:


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KB Vision has just expanded their services to the United States in the past few months and will soon be offering their gold savings services to a much wider geographic market.  This is a great opportunity and now is the time to start growing your business if you so desire.

Holding savings in gold and silver will soon be a self evident necessity and KB Vision is a great way to both protect yourself and your family by accumulating savings in a gold backed savings account today!

Stay Fresh!