The Mint Coin Shop

You have no doubt noticed that flying high above The Mint is a red tab that says “Coin Shop.” This is not a bug! Rather, it is an opportunity to be embraced.

At The Mint, we believe that the best way to protect worldly wealth over an extended period of time is to store it in the form of silver and gold coins. We have a limited amount of silver coins at the moment that we are making available and hope to slowly but surely expand our inventory and capacity to be able to provide this much needed wealth protection to the free people in American and throughout the World.

Please click the red tab and have a look around. If the red tab is simply too elusive to be clicked, then please follow one of the following links: or to be directed to The Mint’s Coin Shop.

At the shop, we operate on two simple principles:

1. We do not sell coins that we do not actually have (in other words, we are not short silver and floating on your funds).


2. We will not ship until we have received your payment.

Simple enough? We hope so! Thank you for checking out our coin shop, our affiliates page, and for reading The Mint!

Stay Fresh!

David Mint