A rebuttal: Ciencias y Cosas: Islandia triplica su crecimiento gracias al FMI y no por encarcelar políticos y banqueros

After our last post regarding Iceland tripling its GDP growth after changing its constitution and throwing corrupt bankers and politicians in prison, we received the IMF’S counter-rumor that it was due to their intervention that Iceland is prospering while Europe continues on the brink of monetary collaspse.

The fact that they cite Paul Krugman should tell the reader all they need to know.  Krugman celebrated the fact that Iceland was implementing capital controls ala Castro’s Cuba.

Socialism can appear to function for a very long time on a small scale, but over time it leaves everyone poor and bitter.  The IMF by definition is the largest sponsor of socialism in the world.

Nonetheless, we present the IMF apologists version here so you can decide for yourself.  Again, in Spanish: http://cienciasycosas.blogspotr.com/2011/12/islandia-triplica-su-crecimiento.html?m=1