Watch “Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu at AIPAC 2012” on YouTube

A decent speech from Mr. Netanyahu at the AIPAC 2012, and unfortunately there is much prophecy that would be fulfilled were Israel to strike Iran, or vice versa.  It is a difficult situation, and Mr. Netanyahu may be admired for not skirting around the issue, as the Western nations have done until now, for it is gravely serious.

Yet for all of his wonderful discourse, the most moving of which starts at minute 22:30 of the below video, Mr Netanyahu, like most of us, misses the point. 

Jesus came so that the world would be forgiven, and to overcome death and live abundantly.  Resorting to the “Might Makes Right,” “Strike them before they strike us mentality,” to which Mr. Netanyahu appeals in this address, is what leads all nations to espouse war and violence as a response to their fragile surroundings.  Followed to its logical end, mankind would exterminate itself in a very short period of time. 

While a preemptive strike against a country which is going to annihate your nation may seem like the best response, or the least amongst evils, what is even more necessary is a need for understanding and ultimately the abandonment of the nation state, especially the religious nation state, so that people can deal with each other without the unnecessary prejudices which the mask of the nation state paints on its adversaries. 

With that in mind, enjoy the speech and, as you ponder its obvious consequences, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Tehran, and your own city.