Is Greece European? By Robert D. Kaplan | Stratfor

With Greece predominantly in the headlines for its fiscal woes, this insightful report by Robert Kaplan explores the historical roots of Greece’s economic problems as well as its unique strategic advantage owed to its geographic location.

Is Greece European?

It can be a long road from political extremism and nepotism to a moderate political center, and this past weekend’s elections have shown that it is a road which Greece may not continue down, no matter how much prodding it gets from the increasingly desperate EU.

Greece, Inc. is now for sale.  Its new management is preparing a list of demands for its current creditors, the Troika.  If those demands are not met, Greece, Inc., which enjoys a prime geographical location, will prod its shareholders to accept an offer from the highest bidder, likely to be either Russia and/or China.

From Olympic sized overspending to the aftermath of the recent world wars, Kaplan does a fine job of presenting Greece’s history as a framework for understanding its current situation.

The report can be seen in its entirety via Stratfor:

Is Greece European? via Stratfor