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Embarrassing Gospels – An Agnostic Moment – Episode 3

Today we return with Episode 3 of Craig Birchfield‘s thought provoking series, An Agnostic Moment. In this episode, Birchfield explores the Gospels.  Specifically, he explores the seeming contradiction contained in the first four books that form the basis of Christianity.

The contradiction is this; the Gospels, taken at face value, come across as an exercise in self-effacement by the church’s founders.  Rather than a religious how to or self-help book, the Gospels portray a most unflattering picture of Jesus’s disciples.

It is hardly the type of propaganda that one would produce were they to set out to start a religious movement.  The only plausible reason that the leaders of a religious movement would allow such an unflattering depiction of themselves to propagate is that perhaps they were not interested in starting a religious movement at all, but rather testifying with brutal accuracy to what they had seen and heard as they walked with the Messiah.


A Really Big Number – An Agnostic Moment – Episode 2

We continue today with Episode 2 of Craig Birchfield‘s thought provoking series, An Agnostic Moment.  In this episode, Birchfield explores what he calls Sir Roger Penrose’s big number and its implications regarding the origin of the universe.


An Agnostic Moment – Episode 1

Craig Birchfield has launched a new series called “An Agnostic Moment,” which is entertaining food for thought when it comes to belief or non belief in God.  Take a peek at the first episode, the introduction to the series and the presentation of the God shaped vacuum that is almost ubiquitous in both the individual human experience at both the individual and societal level.