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An Agnostic Moment – Episode 4 arrives with the Big Seven

Episode 4 in Craig Birchfield’s entertaining and informative series, An Agnostic Moment, brings to light a series of arguments which he dubs the Big Seven which are like flashing billboards on the highway of life constantly pointing us towards the divine.  Enjoy!

A Really Big Number – An Agnostic Moment – Episode 2

We continue today with Episode 2 of Craig Birchfield‘s thought provoking series, An Agnostic Moment.  In this episode, Birchfield explores what he calls Sir Roger Penrose’s big number and its implications regarding the origin of the universe.


An Agnostic Moment – Episode 1

Craig Birchfield has launched a new series called “An Agnostic Moment,” which is entertaining food for thought when it comes to belief or non belief in God.  Take a peek at the first episode, the introduction to the series and the presentation of the God shaped vacuum that is almost ubiquitous in both the individual human experience at both the individual and societal level.