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The Seeds of Revolution: Those on the Far Left and Far Right have had Enough! Can they come Together to Change the World?

In the past two weeks we have had two well delivered speeches brought to our attention here at The Mint.  One speech was delivered in Spain at the IU de Extremadura in 1999 by Julio Anguita Gonzáles, the coordinador general de Izquierda Unida at the time of this speech.

Don Julio is a communist.  In this speech, which is billed on youtube as “El Gran Discurso Antisistema” (The great anti-establishment speech), he makes compelling arguments against the establishment and the inequality which it creates and fights to maintain amongst its members.  You can see it below or by clicking here:


What is amazing about his speech is that he makes some of the same arguments that Tom Woods, who is perhaps the eloquent Libertarian thinker speaking today.  Mr. Woods’ recent speech on Nullification is quickly becoming an anti-establishment sensation.  You can see his speech below or by clicking here:


As Mr. Woods alludes to at the end of his speech, could it be that the anti-establishment thinkers of the far left and far right are closer together ideologically than they are to their mainstream liberal and conservative counterparts?