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4/25/2013 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

As the financial world continues to turn in an ever inflated manner, we have been diligently working to complete the latest volume of the Why what we use as Money Matters series before the joyous distractions of summer in the Northwest call us away.

The following is an excerpt of Volume VI in the series, entitled Natural Law and the Theory of Economic System Fluidityis perhaps the most important volume because it forms the ideological core of our economic treatise.

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Marx and Rand together in perfect harmony

It is increasingly important that mankind take adequate time to pause and reflect as to what ideology is being tacitly or actively pursued as a guide for his daily toils.  As the collective efforts of mankind reach an effectiveness that was unimaginable a generation ago, the throws of human action are having a profound impact not only on an increasingly interconnected global economy, but on the very earth which mankind has been entrusted with.

Natural Law and the Theory of Economic System Fluidity
Natural Law and the Theory of Economic System Fluidity

It is no longer a safe assumption that the natural world can perpetually work to correct the mistakes in favor of mankind.  A deep examination of our motives in light of the Golden Rule is desperately needed to ensure a prosperous future for many.  The key to material prosperity is allowing mankind to tacitly coordinate his varied productive efforts by promoting the ideals of true capitalism in large scale dealings, for it is the ideology which best allows mankind to respond to the incessant demands of natural law.

Yet the blind pursuit of material prosperity promises a future in which the human experience degenerates into a state that is devoid of compassion and mercy.  An espousing of many facets of the socialist ideal at the most intimate levels of society is evidence that mankind is keenly aware of the need for human warmth and compassion.

However, if human warmth and compassion is allowed to trump efficient efforts towards satisfying needs and wants, mankind will quickly run short of both warmth and compassion in a mad scramble to survive.  The key to understanding the virtues of both the socialist ideal and the much villainized but indispensable ideology of true capitalism lies in understanding that they are both incompatible with one another and at the same time can peacefully coexist.

The key to this understanding can be found in the Theory of Economic System Fluidity, which explains how both systems are uniquely equipped to fulfill what on the surface appear to be competing human needs.  The Theory of Economic System Fluidity allows for both true capitalism and socialism to be practiced in a peaceful equilibrium so long as persons are not hindered from voluntarily choosing the amount of time and resources they will dedicate to the pursuit of each during their lifetime.

While both socialism and capitalism hold that their approach to satisfying the natural law of supply and demand is superior to and more just than the other, the Theory of Economic System Fluidity allows the natural law of supply and demand to operate on the competing economic systems themselves, permitting mankind to seamlessly redirect its efforts towards the ideals of one system or another as their conscience and the incessant demands of natural law may dictate.

Above all, mankind must abandon the might makes right ideology which is the ideological core of the modern nation state.  For while the unhindered operation of true capitalism leaves ample room for socialist enterprises to operate within its structure, the might makes right ideology serves only to hinder the operation of both economic systems with the end result being a poverty stricken society devoid of human warmth and compassion.  A world where might makes right is truly the worst of both worlds.

The ultimate virtue of true capitalism is that it allows both for mankind to collectively respond to the demands of the natural laws of supply and demand and the Golden Rule by means of tacit, peaceful cooperation.  Within this framework, mankind can then voluntarily form and disband units based on socialist ideals in a peaceful manner.

The Theory of Economic System Fluidity is the only way to understand the interplay between the systems that otherwise would give rise to irreconcilable differences between the ideologies.  Socialism operates on a small scale, capitalism on a large scale, Marx and Rand dance a beautiful dance, and mankind waltzes its way towards the Utopian ideal which is each system’s high and noble aim.

Natural Law and the Theory of Economic System Fluidity will hit digital shelves around the world shortly, keep your eye out for it on Amazon’s Kindle and in a variety of other formats via Smashwords.

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Key Indicators for April 25, 2013

Copper Price per Lb: $3.24
Oil Price per Barrel:  $93.64
Corn Price per Bushel:  $6.45
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  1.71%
Mt Gox Bitcoin price in US:  $143.38
Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,466 THE GOLD RUSH IS STILL ON!
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Unemployment Rate:  7.6%
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