The Mint Money Supply Digest for June 11, 2013

6/11/2013 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

Here at The Mint we have been invited to take part in a summer ritual dating back to 1887, one which we have abstained from participating in for one reason or another for twelve years:  Softball.

We began what was a reintroduction to the ritual last night in a double header.  There was much familiar and generally a good time was had by all.  What was unfamiliar was the unexpected mind/body dynamic that took place as we laced up the cleats, grabbed our glove, and pulled our hat down.

As we trotted out to center field, a position chosen entirely at random as time constraints forced our team to tacitly choose positions on the fly, our mind took a trip back some 20 years to our high school baseball days.  Unfortunately, our body, which must deal with reality, did not make the trip.

The Georgia Peach in a 1910 photo Courtesy of the George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress)
The Georgia Peach in a 1910 photo Courtesy of the George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress)

What followed was a series of misguided exertions and poorly judged balls that passed for softball only by virtue of our dress and physical location.  While we avoided striking out, the results were far from optimal.  With every successive exertion, our already limited range in the position made famous by Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, and Willie Mays, became even more limited while the range perceived by our 17 year old mind grew to that exercised by the Georgia Peach himself.

Towards the end, we found ourselves playing just a shade off the infield and found ourselves in a number awkward instances where we were unnecessarily obligating ourselves to replicate Mays’ famous Catch with quite different results.

However, today is another day and brings another double header with it.  How will it turn out?  Fortunately, our body is only beginning to seize up and we should avoid the full physical consequences of last nights folly until at least tomorrow.

The M1 money supply is racing upwards once again after a dramatic drop over the past two weeks.  Equities, Fixed Income, and Gold are beginning to exhale, which means an inordinate amount of dough is set to run through a supermarket near you.

To make matters worse, or better, depending upon your preference for more Quantitative Easing on the part of the FED, the BLS (sans L) Unemployment rate ticked up to 7.6%, virtually ensuring that the program will remain in place.  Despite recent speculation of a taper, QE is the only thing standing between the big banks and insolvency.

Stay tuned and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint


Key Indicators for June 11, 2013

Copper Price per Lb: $3.19
Oil Price per Barrel:  $95.25
Corn Price per Bushel:  $6.59
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.19%
Mt Gox Bitcoin price in US:  $106.99
Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,378 THE GOLD RUSH IS ON HOLD FOR THE SUMMER!
MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  0.25%
Unemployment Rate:  7.6%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  -0.4%
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  15,171
M1 Monetary Base:  $2,585,400,000,000
M2 Monetary Base:  $10,489,300,000,000