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Silver bullion storage options in Singapore now available at Bullionvault.com

The following is a brief public service announcement from The Mint.  Our affiliate, BullionVault.com, is now offering silver bullion purchase and storage services in Singapore.  This is great news for a variety of reasons.

First, silver has taken a significant drop in price over the past month.  While there is rarely a bad entry point into the precious metals market given that the fundamental debasement of every currency on the planet is ongoing, the past month has offered a unique opportunity to stock up at the lowest prices of the year.

Second, Singapore is one of the safest countries on the planet in terms of banking sector fundamentals, and the country’s competitive advantage is its friendliness to foreign investment and intolerance of corruption.  What better place to store your precious metals.

Third, Singapore is outside of the reach of bankrupt western democracies, which makes it unlikely that gold or silver stored there would be confiscated.

You can even make gold and silver purchases and sales on the go using BullionVault.com‘s convenient iPhone and Android apps.

BullionVault gives you all of the benefits of owning precious metals with the comfort knowing that the security experts at Brinks Global Services are keeping it safe and accessible when you need it.

What could be better?