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They can’t take us all! The Weyer Hall Stampede of 1993, a failure of democracy

10/15/2012 – Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

In today’s Mint, we offer, for your enjoyment, an event which transpired during our time of service on the democratically elected dorm council as secretary at Weyer Hall, circa 1993.  While the narrative touches upon many themes that will no doubt evoke strong emotions, we humbly offer it as an example of the shortcomings of governance by democratically elected bodies.

It is recounted here, with certain liberties, in loving memory of Ma Tinder, long time dorm Mother at Weyer Hall.  Enjoy!

The Stampede.

During our short, but eventful time as a student at Hastings College, we resided in Weyer Hall, an all male dormitory which housed 70 residents.  While we assume that the College Administration had ultimate responsibility for campus governance, each dormitory was governed by a small group of democratically elected peers who sat on what was known as the dorm council.

During the Fall semester of our sophomore year, it fell to us to serve on the council as Dorm Secretary.  We say fell, because we did not exert much effort in our campaign, nor did we crush an inferior opponent in a moderated debate.  For all we know, we may have raised our hand at the wrong time, an innocent mistake which caused our name to land on the ballot.

Nonetheless, we were determined to serve our fellow residents to the best of our abilities.  As Secretary, our responsibilities included taking notes of the decisions of the dorm council, which invariably included the details of certain disciplinary actions taken against those who did not follow the rules and were foolish enough to get caught, publicly recognizing noteworthy accomplishments of the residents, if any, and informing them of upcoming events.

Our diligent dispatches reached the desk of the College President as well as the backs of every bathroom stall in the dorm, where they were most likely to be read.  For a time we created toned down, official version of the dispatches for the President.  However, our inner laziness finally demanded that we produce just one dispatch, complete with all of the juicy tidbits and unsolicited commentary fit to print.

The President seemed to love it.

The dorm council meetings were held in the quarters of the Dorm Mother, affectionately known as Ma Tinder.  Ma Tinder’s quarters were located at the center of the first floor of the three story structure.  She resided there, along with her dachshund “Peanut” as a source of calm in what was otherwise a cross between “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Animal House.”

The dorm council’s business, which it faithfully discharged at its monthly meetings, was to decide trivial matters, such as the design of the dorm t-shirt (which is fodder for another day), as well as to enforce the rules of the dorm.  Violations of the law of the dorm included residents found to have invited a female to the premises without signing them in at the desk, excessive noise, possession of alcohol and other illegal substances, and in one infamous case, the unlawful operation of a charcoal grill…indoors.

Weyer Hall
The tranquility of Weyer Hall was about to be transformed
Photo Courtesy of Hastings.edu

The dorm council, as with any governing body, was divided into unspoken but acknowledged factions.  Those who were there to enforce the rules, and those who were there to ensure that the rules, if enforced, were loosely interpreted and administered with clemency.

You can imagine which camp the younger Mint fell into.

So it happened that on a Sunday afternoon, as winter descended upon Central Nebraska, the dorm council assembled in Ma Tinder’s quarters during mandatory “quiet time,” as was the custom.  As we were discussing matters of relatively trivial importance, a pounding noise, distant at first, then increasingly loud and frequent, arose from somewhere in the interior of the building until it passed, as would a locomotive, directly above Ma Tinder’s isle of tranquility.

It was the Stampede.

Those members of the council who were firmly in the rules enforcement camp immediately sprang to their feet in pursuit of the perpetrators of what was obviously a direct affront to the authority of the council.  To flagrantly violate “quiet time” by running in boxers and boots, as heavily as one could, through the hallway directly above the meeting place of the council was not simply a minor violation of the rules, it was mutiny.

Those of us who found ourselves in the “loose interpretation/clemency” camp slowly arose, fighting off a chuckle, and give the appearance of chase as doors all over Weyer Hall immediately shut as the Stampede ended just as suddenly as it had begun.

For not only did we see the Stampede as an artful form of both coordinated self expression and protest, we had helped instigate it.

In the end, while the entire dorm was given a stern warning to respect the the rules, there were no individual indictments.  Like history makers throughout the ages, the Weyer Stampeders had proved their point,

“You can’t take us all!”

Stay tuned and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

Key Indicators for October 15, 2012

Copper Price per Lb: $3.70
Oil Price per Barrel:  $91.82
Corn Price per Bushel:  $7.33
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  1.66%
Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,737 PERMANENT UNCERTAINTY
MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  0.25%
Unemployment Rate:  7.8%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  0.6%
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  13,424
M1 Monetary Base:  $2,449,400,000,000
M2 Monetary Base:  $10,157,100,000,000

Global Banking Collapse, Global Cooling, Opinions on Climate Change

8/10/2011 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

Gold hit $1,800 today.  That should tell you all you need to know about what is happening.

We are trying not to look at the markets today.  It gives us the morbid feeling that one gets as they are about to witness a train wreck or other catastrophe.  Our curiosity begs us to look but our morality forbids it.

What we are hesitant to watch as it gets underway is some form of global banking collapse.  From CNBC:

“Rochdale banking analyst Richard Bove said there is little chance of a French bank default.

“If a bank in Europe went under, it would cause huge counterparty risk. It wouldn’t be that bad for 99 percent of the banks in the country. It would be bad for the biggest banks…Why are all the banks falling in price? The deeper issue is what the Federal Reserve did yesterday,” said Bove.

The Fed, in an unusual move Tuesday, revealed that its “extended period” to hold rates at zero runs until the middle of 2013. The Fed also downgraded its view of the economy to a picture of slow growth.

“The Federal Reserve told me, number one, that the economy is weakening and my loan losses just went up,” Bove said. “The ability to make new loans is hampered by the weaker economy, and on top of that, the Federal Reserve said they were going to keep margins on my product down,” he said, explaining banks need higher rates to make profits on lending and deposits.”

As we alluded to yesterday, the Federal Reserve essentially ended its storied career yesterday.  In an all out attempt to goose the markets it spent its last bit of credibility.  It is currently being carted off the field to cheer its losing team from the sidelines.  It may come back, but, like Brett Farve, it may find its former glory elusive.

With the FED injured and out of the game, the world’s largest banks are readying to show the world that there really is no entity on the planet which is “too big to fail,” starting with themselves.  There is no doubt that the ECB will pull out all the stops to save the large French banks, as Mr. Bove suggests above.

They will be carted off behind the FED.  But enough of the markets, it is just too ugly to gaze upon.

Let’s talk about the weather!

It is an unusually cold “summer” day here in Portland.  We loosely use the term summer because it now seems that summer has taken its own vacation and left the inhabitants of the Northwest with a straight shot from Spring to Fall.  Not so bad, provided we get the best of both seasons.

Still, the lack of sunshine at this time of year seems to be taking its toll on people.  When the sun comes out here, you suddenly become aware that the city has about triple the number of inhabitants than you once thought.  People literally hibernate here and when the sun brings them out it can be startling if you are not expecting it.

Logic would follow that, with the recent weather data taking a turn for the cooler, the global warming crowd would declare victory and let the planet move on to bigger and better things.   Now that the myth of global warming is apparently being disproved by nature herself, scientists are clinging onto the term “climate change” to justify the right to determine who needs how much energy.  The right to energy in recent times was determined by wars so perhaps this is an improvement. 

Many will quickly note that we have certain facts wrong about global warming/climate change and will want to correct us in our error.  To them we say, please do not waste your time.  We do not pretend to be an expert at anything here at The Mint, we are merely opinionated.  The most normal thing is for us to be wrong, it helps keep us humble.

Flooding on the Missouri River at Omaha, Nebraska - July 2011

That said, we base our “the globe is now cooling” opinion on two anecdotes that we heard while in Nebraska recently.  First, Lake McConaughy, which just five years ago was nearly bone dry is now full to overflowing.  The “experts” said that it would take 50 years to reach normal levels.

Second, we spoke with a guy from northern Wyoming who said they are seeing new GLACIATION taking place right before their eyes.  In a valley where last season there was merely a stream coming down from the mountains now stands a new glacier over 50 feet high.  Not just snowpack, a glacier.  He could not recall this ever happening there before.  Let alone so quickly.

Then there are the bears.  Rumor has it that they are moving to lower altitudes in the Northwestern US because snowpack in the mountains is not receding as it normally did and this is driving the bears closer to populated areas in search of a feast to fill their bellies for the winter.

More Flooding near airport on the Missouri River at Omaha, Nebraska - July 2011

And finally, everyone is aware of the flooding taking place along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers this season.

To us, here in the Northern Hemisphere, it appears that the globe is now cooling at an alarming rate.  Is the solution now to burn more fossil fuels?

Our point is that the weather is something that no man, no matter how many terms he has spent in Congress, can control.  Those who believe that mankind can somehow master the weather (the logical implication and end of most policies invoked in the name of stopping “climate change”) are innocently deluded at best and in the worst case may be power hungry control freaks.

As for allowing Wall Street first dibs at selling us the air we breathe (cleverly disguised as “carbon credits”), any thinking person should quickly identify this notion as just plain insanity.

On the other hand, we have great respect for people who are deeply committed to taking care of the environment.  We wish them well and whole heartedly support their dream of bringing peace to the earth and balance to what occurs on it.

Our disagreement with most mainstream climate policy is a question of methods.  While most see a problem with what mankind currently uses to create energy, we see as a problem with what mankind has chosen to use as money.

Once the monetary system is fixed (which may be occurring shortly), we suspect that the earth will be cleaner and greener than even the most ambitious environmentalist has ever imagined.

Best of all, the change will be a product of mankind’s collective free will, not of the hollow decrees of a governmental edict.


Stay tuned and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

Key Indicators for August 10, 2011

Copper Price per Lb: $3.91
Oil Price per Barrel:  $82.89

Corn Price per Bushel:  $6.78  
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.13%

FED Target Rate:  0.10%  TIGHTENING?  NOT!

Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,795 PERMANENT UNCERTAINTY

MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  2.00%
Unemployment Rate:  9.1%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  -0.2%!!!  PULL OUT THE HELICOPTERS!!!
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  10,719  TO THE MOON!!!

M1 Monetary Base:  $2,012,200,000,000 RED ALERT!!!
M2 Monetary Base:  $9,226,100,000,000 YIKES!!!!!!!

A Debt Deal is Struck, America further Seals Her Fate

8/2/2011 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

After a long absence, we offer a brief Mint.  As the entire financial world knows, the US Government decided to go deeper into debt to the tune of $2.4 Trillion.  Something was mentioned about spending cuts but they are inconsequential and probably will never materialize.

America continues to march towards Her Imperial destiny, as Bill Bonner of the Daily Reckoning has been expounding upon recently:

“The US is now conducting war-like operations in at least six different countries. The problem, of course, is that it is ruinously expensive. In all of history no empire has been able to resist the urge to overdo it…to commit suicide – either by military or financial “overstretch.” In America’s case, it does both.

The cost of maintaining the empire…fully loaded…is about $1.2 trillion a year. That’s the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, fortified embassies – everything. Take it away, and the US budget is almost in balance.

But Washington won’t seriously cut military spending.  Why not?  It’s the way destiny works.  First, she disarms you of your critical intelligence.  And they she shoots you in the back of the head.

An empire continues until it drops.  It does not back up.  It does not reconsider its mission – not until it is forced to.  How is it forced to?  In the usual way…it runs out of money…”

Yes, it appears that America is intent upon losing its place as the leading private security agency on the planet, for as a practical matter, that is all that what we frequently refer to as nations are.  More on that to come.

Stay tuned and Trust Jesus.

Stay Fresh!

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

P.S.  Don’t believe what you read about the Nebraska corn harvest, it will be just fine and as abundant as ever!

Key Indicators for August 2, 2011

Copper Price per Lb: $4.36
Oil Price per Barrel:  $93.33

Corn Price per Bushel:  $7.11
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.62%
FED Target Rate:  0.17%  TIGHTENING?  NOT!

Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,660 PERMANENT UNCERTAINTY

MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  2.00%
Unemployment Rate:  9.2%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  -0.2%!!!  PULL OUT THE HELICOPTERS!!!
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  11,866  TO THE MOON!!!
M1 Monetary Base:  $1,937,200,000,000 RED ALERT!!!
M2 Monetary Base:  $9,260,300,000,000 YIKES!!!!!!!

*See the MINT Perceived target Rate Chart.  This rate is the FED Target rate with a 39 month lag, representing the time it takes for the FED Target rate changes to affect the real economy.  This is a 39 months head start that the FED member banks have on the rest of us on using the new money that is created.

Waiting on Armageddon in the Bond Markets, A Freaky Chart form the BIS

7/18/2011 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

We are taking the week off here at The Mint.  As the world observes the pitched battle between default and inflation, we will be roaming the cornfields of Northeastern Nebraska waiting to attend a cousin’s wedding.

To default or not to default, that is the question.  The financial world is on the edge of its seats waiting for the answer.  What will congress do?

Regular Mint readers know that once QE started, the US essentially defaulted.  Everything that is happening now is a mere attempt to avoid openly admitting it.

There has been a startling graph from Bank of International Settlements that has been circling the internet and is worth a look.  You may want to ask the children to leave the room, it is downright scary.

"AAA" Government dominates the market and it is beginning to smell funny!

Do you now understand why what happens in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and the US in the coming weeks is of the utmost importance for the bond markets?  In a very short period of time, sovereign debt issues have become predominant.  The scary part of the chart is that any sane person can tell you that there simply ain’t that much AAA rated paper out there, no matter who issues it or who rates is.

With what is sure to be an action packed week as the financial world braces for the next of its many brushes with Armageddon.  Not matter what happens, the only clear winner promises to be the volatility index (which you can conveniently trade as VIX).  If there truly is the threat of a default, try TBT, the Ultrashort US Treasuries EFT.

Better yet, head down to your local coin shop, load up on physical Gold and Silver, and come roam the cornfields with us, worry free!

Stay Fresh,

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

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Key Indicators for July 18, 2011

Copper Price per Lb: $4.39
Oil Price per Barrel: $97.12
Corn Price per Bushel: $7.01
10 Yr US Treasury Bond: 2.91%
FED Target Rate: 0.06% JAPAN HERE WE COME!
Gold Price Per Ounce: $1,594 PERMANENT UNCERTAINTY
MINT Perceived Target Rate*: 2.00%
Unemployment Rate: 9.2%
Inflation Rate (CPI): 0.2%
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 12,479 TO THE MOON!!!
M1 Monetary Base: $2,027,500,000,000 RED ALERT!!!
M2 Monetary Base: $9,265,600,000,000 YIKES!!!!!!!

*See the MINT Perceived target Rate Chart. This rate is the FED Target rate with a 39 month lag, representing the time it takes for the FED Target rate changes to affect the real economy. This is a 39 months head start that the FED member banks have on the rest of us on using the new money that is created.