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The Ultimate Fall of All Nations

“For the day of Yahweh is near all the nations!  As you have done, it will be done to you. Your deeds will return upon your own head.  For as you have drunk on my holy mountain, so will all the nations drink continually. Yes, they will drink, swallow down, and will be as though they had not been.  But in Mount Zion, there will be those who escape, and it will be holy. The house of Jacob will possess their possessions.”

–  The Vision of Obadiah

Anyone who has taken time to read the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, has no doubt encountered text similar to that found in the first sentence in the above excerpt taken from the prophetic vision of Obadiah.

It refers to the fall of nations.  For years we were somewhat vexed as to what this would mean.  It is clear that history itself appears to be a constant rising and falling of nations as weaker or “evil” nations fall and stronger, more “just” nations take their place.  What would happen, then were all of the nations to fall at once?

What at first appeared vexing is now clear.  The nations, all nations, are mere constructs of men.  As we have described in this space, at best the nations may be seen as a response, albeit misguided, to humankind’s inherently anarchic surroundings.  Yet as human constructs, it is inevitable that the nations, rather than improving over time, are bent on self-destruction from their inception.

Indeed, this is the case today.  When nations appear to be getting stronger, this is a result of an increase in human cooperation fostered on a base of trust and free trade.  Over time, the nations unwittingly work to erode the base of trust and free trade that humans have formed.  Once the people realize this, they inevitably work to throw off the yoke of the nation, and begin to walk in the Kingdom of God.

Such is the rise and fall of nations, and if the vision of Obadiah and countless other biblical prophecies come to pass, the ultimate fall of all nations is a sure thing.


We have been tasked with the privilege of teaching chapters 1-39 of the old testament book of Isaiah, which is commonly known as Proto-Isaiah.

Isaiah recorded prophesies for over 60 years and saw four Kings of Judah ascend to the throne throughout his ministry.  Proto-Isaiah is generally thought to have been written in Isaiah’s lifetime by Isaiah himself.

The remaining chapters (40-55 and 56-66) are thought to have been added on to the original Isaiah text at a later date.  In reading Isaiah, it is clear that this is the case.

We could not find a summary of themes which did justice to the complexity and rythym which characterize Isaiah’s writings.  As such, we offer the following outline of Isaiah which we compiled as we poured over it earlier this month.

Please let us know what you think and if possible, join us at GSM in Beaverton for the 2012 series of Bible classes, which this year will focus on the old testatment.

Without further ado, we present to you Proto-Isaiah:


Chapters 1-5 – Judah on trial

The Prophet

Chapter 6 – The world ends – the call of Isaiah


Act I

Chapters 7-8 – Jerusalem attacked by Assyria – God tells King Ahaz of Judah to stand firm

Chapter 9:1-7 – Prophecy about the coming Messiah


Act II

Chapters 9:8-10 – The destruction of Israel (Samaria) by Assyria, Assyria’s destruction

Chapter 11:1-10 – Prophecy about the coming Messiah

Chapter 11:11-16 – A remnant will return

Chapter 12 – PRAISE



Chapters 13 – 17:3 – The destruction of Babylon, Assyria, Philistia, Moab, and Damascus

Chapter 17:4-11 – Israel is judged

Chapters 17:12 – 23 – Cush, Egypt, Babylon, Dumah, Arabia, Jerusalem, Shebna, Tyre, and the whole earth are judged and destroyed

Chapter 24 – APOCOLYPSE, the judgment of the entire earth

Chapters 25-27 – SALVATION


Act IV

Chapter 28:1-22 – Drunk with the Law, man is unprepared to deal with death

Chapter 28:23-29 – The supremacy of the Lord’s natural law

Chapter 29 – Jerusalem: God’s mercy on those bound by the law, the unjust are vanquished and the righteous are rewarded

Chapter 30:1-17 – Condemnation of seeking help from Egypt

Chapter 30:18- 31 – Mercy, victory, and help come from God alone

Chapters 32-33 – The Lord Arises, the Righteous Kingdom Comes, peace for the righteous and terror for the unjust

Chapter 34 – APOCOLYPSE

Chapter 35 – The Holy Way


Act V

Chapter 36 – Assyria threatens Jerusalem

Chapter 37:1-7 – Hezekiah Inquires of Isaiah

Chapter 37-8-13 – Sennacherib’s threatening letter

Chapter 37:14-35 – Hezekiah Prays, the Lord confirms Isaiah’s word

Chapter 37:36-38 – Victory is the Lord’s


Act VI

Chapter 38 – Hezekiah’s illness and recovery

Chapter 39 – Hezekiah opens the door to Babylonian captivity