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The Ultimate Fall of All Nations

“For the day of Yahweh is near all the nations!  As you have done, it will be done to you. Your deeds will return upon your own head.  For as you have drunk on my holy mountain, so will all the nations drink continually. Yes, they will drink, swallow down, and will be as though they had not been.  But in Mount Zion, there will be those who escape, and it will be holy. The house of Jacob will possess their possessions.”

–  The Vision of Obadiah

Anyone who has taken time to read the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, has no doubt encountered text similar to that found in the first sentence in the above excerpt taken from the prophetic vision of Obadiah.

It refers to the fall of nations.  For years we were somewhat vexed as to what this would mean.  It is clear that history itself appears to be a constant rising and falling of nations as weaker or “evil” nations fall and stronger, more “just” nations take their place.  What would happen, then were all of the nations to fall at once?

What at first appeared vexing is now clear.  The nations, all nations, are mere constructs of men.  As we have described in this space, at best the nations may be seen as a response, albeit misguided, to humankind’s inherently anarchic surroundings.  Yet as human constructs, it is inevitable that the nations, rather than improving over time, are bent on self-destruction from their inception.

Indeed, this is the case today.  When nations appear to be getting stronger, this is a result of an increase in human cooperation fostered on a base of trust and free trade.  Over time, the nations unwittingly work to erode the base of trust and free trade that humans have formed.  Once the people realize this, they inevitably work to throw off the yoke of the nation, and begin to walk in the Kingdom of God.

Such is the rise and fall of nations, and if the vision of Obadiah and countless other biblical prophecies come to pass, the ultimate fall of all nations is a sure thing.

A New Season is Upon the Earth

7/11/2013 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

The summer is in full swing here in the Northwest.  We have recently sent the manuscript for our mini treatise off to perhaps the only publisher that aligns ideologically with its many and varied themes; Laissez Faire Books.

As we await a response, we are directing our creative energies into the construction of a playground/deck/Gaudi-esque structure upon some otherwise idle ground near the back of the property.  As someone who stares at screens for a living, wielding a circular saw and power screwdriver is nothing short of exhilarating.

There is something about creating something from nothing that brings with it a contentment only those who have done it can explain.  It is to work outside the confines of time and space while at the same time yielding to their limitations.  In the best of moments, it brings us closer to the divine.

In addition to our power tool therapy, we have been seeking funding for a number of projects that have come across our radar.  While our efforts to this point have been categorically unsuccessful, we have a feeling that is about to change.  We have had the feeling that things are about to break loose for some time now.

Yesterday, this feeling was confirmed in the most unexpected of settings, a Board Finance Committee.  In the middle of the meeting, as we were punting around various ideas and cost savings measures, a prophet came in and declared a new season had come upon the world, a season in which the plans of Yahweh, those that have been stayed for various reasons, would now come to pass.  That the righteous would have resources thrust into their hands.  This season began in early July.

With that, all discussion ceased and we simply came into agreement in prayer over the matter as a Committee, and the meeting was adjourned.  It was the most unique committee meeting we have ever attended.

It must be said that there is great relief in prayer.  While simply praying is no guarantee that funds will appear or that plans will come to pass, it is a guarantee that the matter is firmly in Yahweh’s hands, leaving the outcome, whatever it may be, a victory for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In other words, prayer brings peace, and in this case the confirmation of a notion that The Lord has laid upon us for the past six months. A new season in the spiritual realm has arrived.

It is crucial that we open our eyes, or we shall remain blind.  This was made clear to us in a vision we had yesterday (yes, visions are returning as well!) in which we saw a field and a man standing at the end of it.  The man was looking through a field of vision that allowed him to see a mere 1% of the immense richness of the land in front of him.

This represented the blindness inherent in seeking answers in numbers, which provides one a viewpoint that is 1% reality and 99% fiction.  If we can learn to see past the 1% and step forward into the field before us, the 99%, the abundance of Yahweh’s supply for us, appears as if out of nowhere…yet it has been there all along.

Such is the blindness of those who decide based on numbers alone, for the numbers are at best, a trailing indication of words, decisions, and actions long past. At worst, they are a stumbling block and a snare.  For renewal an growth to take place, there must be a complete separation from the current concept of money and the reality of the natural world.  This separation is just now beginning to take place.

Finally, we are also making preparations for our long delayed annual journey to Bolivia, where we hope to advance a project that has long been on our hearts:

The Night John the Baptist Died

Stay tuned and Trust Jesus!

Stay Fresh!

David Mint

Email: davidminteconomics@gmail.com

Key Indicators for July 11, 2013

Copper Price per Lb: $3.16
Oil Price per Barrel:  $104.63
Corn Price per Bushel:  $7.16
10 Yr US Treasury Bond:  2.57%
Mt Gox Bitcoin price in US:  $86.90
Gold Price Per Ounce:  $1,286
MINT Perceived Target Rate*:  0.25%
Unemployment Rate:  7.6%
Inflation Rate (CPI):  0.1%
Dow Jones Industrial Average:  15,461
M1 Monetary Base:  $2,623,800,000,000
M2 Monetary Base:  $10,629,300,000,000