What it takes to succeed, three great articles that contain more wisdom than many MBA courses

In today’s fast changing world, it is increasingly important to maintain one’s competitive edge.  Technological breakthroughs are either eliminating jobs or shifting work around at a breakneck pace and if one is to survive and thrive under such conditions, complacency is not an option.

The following are three great articles which are worth a read by anyone working to gain, maintain, or increase their competitive edge.

First, Keld Jensen over at Forbes lo

What is Money? By David Mint
What is Money? By David Mint

oks at what it takes to succeed, and it may not be what you think.  We were once told that a good heart would take us further than good grades.  In our experience, this has proven true.  Jensen appears to agree in this great read:

Intelligence is overrated:  What you really need to succeed

Next, Geoffrey James over at Inc.com shares the core beliefs of great bosses.  Again, great stuff that we have observed as well.  Especially the first one he lists, “Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.”  We are truly all in this together, and great managers and leaders recognize this as a basic truth:

Management secrets:  Core beliefs of great bosses

Rounding out the trio is a piece on productivity by Ilya Pozin again at Inc.com.  Timely advice in a world were the need to communicate is trumping the need to produce:

7 Things highly productive people do

Next time you are in an entrepreneurial rut or feeling stuck, refer to these articles to get your groove back on track.